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Enver Cagatay Icden

Project Manager/Technician




Jessica W. Thomas





Shelly-Jessica Warehouse.jpeg

Sub Contractor

Kim Crozier-Mitsche

Associate Objects Conservator


Mrs. Crozier-Mitsche holds a master’s degree in art conservation from Buffalo State College, specializing in the care and treatment of three-dimensional objects. She Worked with van Enter Studio for three  years, during which time she has contributed to many projects. One of the highlights has been repairing Octavio Medellin’s beautiful glass from the Trinity Lutheran Church. She also spent many hours with the mosaics from the Mercantile buildings.


Kim has experience in caring for a wide range of objects including ceramics, glass, painted and gilded surfaces, wooden artifacts, and more. She has specialized in historic materials and techniques, particularly relating to decorative arts and fine art. Kim is also committed to promoting preventive care of art and historic artifacts. She has also been working on a mural conservation project for the past two years with another local art conservator.

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