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Saving the Unique Art Collection (Mosaics by Artist Millard Sheets)

In 2005/2006 we, along with the backing of Tim Headington, began the process of rescuing approximately 96 individual mosaics, by Millard Sheets, from the now demolished section of the Mercantile Building. The Major works included four large wall panel and four major double-sided free standing mosaics which are now located in Joule hotel in downtown Dallas.

Historic Stained Glass (Artist Octavio Medellin)


Dallas Lovefield Airport is the new home for one of 4 art glass windows that were saved from the demolition of an east Dallas church.  The Companile Window  executed by artist Octavio Medellin was originally installed at the Trinity Lutherin Church in 1960's

Historic Stained Glass (Artist Octavio Medellin) City Performance Hall

Remaining 3 stained glass windows executed by artist Octavio Medellin, were recently  re-installed by van Enter Studio in the lobby at City Performance Hall  July 27th.

Pegasus (Flying Red Horse)



The original Flying Red Horse built by H. Harold Winburgh, was placed on top of the Magnolia Building in 1934 until it was taken down in 1999.  

For many years the Flying Red Horse remained in storage in different locations till no one knew where it was last stored.   

Thanks to Jeremy McKane who after hearing  the story of the Pegusus, made it his mission to search for the lost horse.  










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